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Julius Zebra: Bundle with The Britons - signed and sketched


After the huge success of Rumble with the Romans!, celebrated author and illustrator Gary Northfield creates another brilliantly fast-paced, funny and utterly bonkers adventure for Julius Zebra and his hapless pals to go on. Emperor Hadrian has one last favour to ask of the gladiator animals before he will grant them their greatest wish - freedom. They must go to the far-off and strange land of Britain to win over the crowds of his empire. But this will be no happy-go-lucky holiday... Instead of buckets and spades, our stripy hero and his friends will need all their powers and wits about them if they're going to survive their most wild and rebellious opponents yet. Cram-packed with jokes and bursting with action, this is a hilarious romp and mad-cap introduction to Roman Britain.

288 pages paperback - Illustrated throughout

"This is an irreverent, fast-paced and zany introduction to Roman Britain. […] Educational and hilarious!" - South Wales Evening Post

“This book was absolutely amazing … I couldn't put it down and I laughed out loud lots! … I finished it in one evening!” Alex, aged 10 Lovereadingforkids

Signed and sketched in. Let me know if you require a dedication, by leaving a message on your Paypal order page.

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